1~2 day Tokyo Tour: Your Best Highlight of Tokyo

Tokyo has many sightseeing spots. The 10 spots listed below are very popular for first-timers to Tokyo. You can choose four spots per day from the 10 spots. I will make the best plan of 1-day-tour or 2-days tour based on your choices and requests.
The 1 day standard course is (6) Hamarikyu Garden→(3) River cruising→(1) Asakusa→ (4)Imperial Palace East Gardens. It takes 7 hours.

Eddy Murayama
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You can choose four spots per day from the following list to make your travel enjoyable.

Central and East Tokyo
(1) Asakusa (Sensoji Buddhist temple and Nakamise shopping street)
(2) Tokyo National Museum in Ueno (The best place to see Japanese culture and history)
(3) Sumida River Cruising (Between Asakusa and Hamarikyu / Odaiba)
(4) Imperial Palace East Gardens (Japanese gardens and remains of Edo castle)
South Tokyo
(5) Tsukiji Fish Market (Over 400 shops selling fresh fish and seafood)
(6) Hamarikyu Garden (A large garden park beside Tokyo bay)
(7) Odaiba (A futuristic artificial island in Tokyo bay)
West Tokyo
(8) Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Observatory (Panoramic views of Tokyo)
(9) Meiji-jingu Shrine (The largest Shinto shrine in Tokyo surrounded by sacred trees)
(10) Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing (The busiest crossing in the world)

What You Can Expect in this Tour

(1) Asakusa





Asakusa has been an entertainment district. A landmark of it is Sensoji temple which is the largest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. We will pray for something at the beautiful main hall. Nakamise shopping street is an ideal place to see local snacks and souvenirs. For detail, please see my blog.

(2) Tokyo National Museum





If you like to learn Japan’s history, this museum is the place to go. You will spot relics such as samurai armor and swords, Buddhist statues, kimonos, paintings, and more. It was established in 1872. It is the largest art museum in Japan and one of the largest art museums in the world. Closed: Mondays  (Admission fee for adult: 620 JPY)

(3) Sumida River Cruising





You can relax and enjoy beautiful scenery including 12 bridges, Tokyo Sky-Tree tower, water-front buildings, and traditional neighborhoods of old Tokyo. (fare for adult: 740 JPY (Asakusa to Hamarikyu), 1720 JPY (Asakusa to Odaiba))

(4)Imperial Palace East Gardens





The Imperial Palace is the residence of Emperor’s family. It used to be the castle of Tokugawa Shoguns and it is surrounded by moats and stone walls. We will visit its East Gardens where you enjoy beautiful Japanese gardens. Closed on Monday and Friday. (Admission free)

(5)  Tsukiji Fish Market





It is very special for visitors to see more than 400 shops selling fresh fish, seafood, vegetables and sushi. While the inner wholesale market was moved to the new Toyosu market 2.4 km away in 2018, the outer retail market remains a major tourist attraction. (Admission free)

(6) Hamarikyu Garden





It is a large Japanese garden located beside Tokyo Bay. Walking slowly in the quiet and beautiful garden while seeing flowers and plants is very refreshing. After strolling, it is a good idea to rest at a traditional tea house that offers green tea and sweets.(Admission fee for adult: 300 JPY)

(7) Odaiba





Odaiba is a modern artificial island on Tokyo bay. With space age buildings, electric cars and fantasy shopping malls, Odaiba is a futuristic entertainment district. You can see skyscrapers of central Tokyo over the Rainbow bridge. The unmanned monorail called Yurikamome links Odaiba to central Tokyo. (Admission free)

(8) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku is 243-meter tall. From its observatory deck you can see panoramic views of Tokyo and beyond. Famous landmarks such as Tokyo Tower, Meiji-Jingu Shrine’s forest and Tokyo bay can be seen. If you are lucky, you can see Mt. Fuji. (Admission free)


(9)Meiji-Jingu Shrine





It is the largest Shinto shrine in Tokyo. In 1920, it was founded to commemorate Emperor Meiji who took a lead in making Japan a modern and industrialized country. The shrine building was constructed in the traditional style. Many old trees in the forest add the sacred atmosphere. Young couples like to hold wedding ceremonies here. For details, please see my blog. (Admission free)

(10) Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing





The scramble is famous for the busiest crossing in the world. You can observe hundreds of people crossing every direction from the second floor of a building. Near it, there is the Hachiko statue, a symbol of the faithful Akita dog who waited at Shibuya station every day for his master, even after his death. Based on the story, the movie “Hachi; A Dog’s Tale” was created. Richard Gere acted. (Admission free)

Important Information
Language: English
Number of guests: up to 4
Meeting Time: at 9:00 am (recommended, flexible)
Meeting Place: at your hotel in central Tokyo
Dismissing Place: at your hotel or at the nearest station
Serving hours by the guide: 7 hours per day

(1~2 persons) 30,000 JPY per day
(3~4 persons) 33,000 JPY per day

guiding fee (tax included)
transportation expenses (the guide)
(Not including )
transportation expenses (you)
meal (you and the guide)

Estimated local cost:
transportation expenses:  (note)
admission fee: (note)
lunch: 1,000~1,500 JPY
(note) The guide will inform you after making the itinerary.

Before you apply for this guide tour, you need to read the following explanation.

(1) We walk a few km. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
(2) If the weather is not good to walk, we might stay at a museum or a shop near our destination.

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