Half-day Tour to Mount Inunaki

If you have half-day free time before going back to your country from Kansai Airport, this is the ideal tour for your last attraction in Osaka. Mount Inunaki is a sacred site for training of Katsuragi Shugendo. It was founded by Enno-Gyoja in 8th century. Thanks to its convenient location from the airport, it has become a popular hiking spots among foreigners these days. Why not come to refresh yourself before going back to your country?

Masa Tamura

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  • About 45 minutes trekking to Mount Inunaki gives you fresh power. Natural beauty such as rivers, waterfalls, rocks, trees and many remains of Shinto and Buddhism welcome you.
  • There are some sacred sites for Shugendo such as Goma-Daki-Ba (Burning tree tips), waterfalls under which monks makes meditation, etc.
  • Shipporyuji Temple, one of the 28 sacred places of Katsuragi Shugendo
  • 7 famous waterfalls of 48 waterfalls in Mount Inunaki
  • Only one Hot Spring Resorts in Osaka prefecture. There are 5 inns with hot springs and delicious local foods.

What You Can Expect in this Tour

Trekking Course of Mount Inunaki
About 45 minutes-walk to Shipporyuji Temple is exiting and refreshing experience for you. Mount Inunaki has a legend of royal dog. In the era of Emperor Uda (9th century), a hunter went to the forest and hunted with his dog as usual. When the hunter aimed at a deer and got ready to shoot it, but his dog barked louder and louder, the prey ran away. The hunter got angry and he killed his dog, cut off his head. But what happened next was unbelievable. The dog’s head which was cut off flew over his angry master. The hunter looked up and was shocked by what he saw. There was a very long and huge snake and next to his dog’s head on the tree. At last the hunter realized that the snake wanted to bite and eat him. The hunter felt guilty and regret. After buried the loyal dog, he built a grave from condolence. This story reached to Emperor Uda, and he named this mountain “Inunaki”.


Inunakisan Shipporyuji Temple
The name of the temple came from 7 waterfalls which was called 7 treasures. The mountain name came from royal dog legend.
This temple is the head temple of Shingon Buddhism of Inunaki school. It is said to be founded by Enno-Gyoja who was a founder of Shugendo in the 7th century. There was 28 Katsuragi Shugendo sacred places in the Katsuragi mountain range. The main image of the temple is “Kurikara Fudomyooh”. There is a big statue of it in the temple ground.

Gyoja Waterfall
It is said that there are 48 waterfalls around Inunaki mountain. The most popular one is Gyoja Waterfall. Monks of Shugendo take acetic training in the mountain and make meditation under the waterfall. We can experience Shugendo on the 3rd Sunday from March to November.

Hot Spring resorts
There are five inns in which visitors can enjoy Onsen or hot spring. After trekking, it is comfortable taking Onsen! You can have delicious local foods for lunch if you want (reservation needed).

Important information
Language: English
Number of guests: up to 4 persons
Meeting Time: at 9:45am
Meeting Place: at Izumisano station of Nankai Railway
Dismissing Place: Izumisano station
Serving hours by the guide: 5 hours

1,8000 JPY (up to 4 persons)
guide fee
Not including
Transportation and entrance fee (you and the guide)
Lunch (Includes guide: About 1,500 Yen for each)

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We walk several km in a day. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
If the weather is not good to walk, we might use a taxi and/or stay at a restaurant or a shop near our destination, where you can enjoy Japanese food or buy souvenirs.

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