1-day Tour of Power Spots in Osaka

There are several shrines or temples which is called “Power Spot” in Osaka. In this tour, you visit three shrines and one temple in a day. Osaka was called “Naniwa” because its proximity to sea. Sumiyoshi Taisha shrine and Shitennoji Temple are one of the oldest one. Other two shrines are also called Power Spot, and young women comes here to get spiritual power today.

Masa Tamura

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  • Visiting four power spots in western Osaka, you will get a spiritual power from the deity. This tour can be done using Osaka Metro network in a day.
  • Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is the head shrine of 2,300 Sumiyoshi shrines all over Japan. You can see four shrine architectures which are designated National Treasure.
  • Nanba Yasaka Shrine is famous for its big Lion Head! This is a small shrine, but many visitors come to see it.
  • Shitennnoji Temple was established 1,400 years ago. It is the oldest temple in Japan. Prince Shotoku built this temple for the purpose of worship of Buddha, but also for the benefit and welfare of mankind as for the safety of the State.
  • Horikoshi Shrine stands near Shitennnoji Temple. It is said that this shrine answers the prayer which people has once in a life.

What You Can Expect in this Tour

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine
One of the Japan’s most renowned shrine. At the beginning of the year, more than 2 million worshippers visit the shrine. Encompassed by natural beauty, the shrine grounds overflow with spiritual spots offering a profound sense of history, such as the Sorihashi arched bridge (Taikobashi) – an emblem of Sumiyoshi Taisha – sacred trees over 1,000 years old, numerous cultural properties, and the main shrine hall, which is a designated national treasure.

There is a Power Spot where Sumiyoshi Daimyojin descended. A square surrounded by stone poles is called “Goshogozen”. People find three kinds of small stones in which three characters “五”, “大”, “力” are printed. Then buy a small bag and put three stones in it. It becomes a good-luck charm.

Nanba Yasaka Shrine
This shrine was known as a shrine where Gozu-Tenno of Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto was enshrined from 1,000 years ago. The Shishiden or Lion Hall stands in the shrine precinct. It is really a big Lion Head!

Shitennnoji Temple
This temple was built by Prince Shotoku 1,400 years ago. There are Five-Storied Pagoda, Golden Hall, Lecture Hall and Rokuji-Do Hall. Guse-Kannon Bodhisattva is enshrined in Golden Hall and the story of Shakyamuni Buddha is written on the wall.
Inside the Lecture Hall was divided into two sections. One is winter hall in which eleven-face Kannon Bodhisattva is enshrined. Another is summer hall in which Amida Nyorai is enshrined. There is a paintings of priest Genjo-Sanjo’s trip.

Horikoshi Shrine
Near Shitennoji Temple, there is a small shrine named “Horikoshi Shrine”. This shrine is one of seven guardian shrines for Shitennoji Temple. It is said that this shrine answers to the prayer which people have once in a life. Now it became popular among worshippers. There is a sacred Camphor Tree of 1,000 years old.

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28,000 JPY (up to 4 persons)
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Transportation and entrance fee (you and the guide)
Lunch (Includes guide: About 1,500 Yen for each)

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We walk several km in a day. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
If the weather is not good to walk, we might use a taxi and/or stay at a restaurant or a shop near our destination, where you can enjoy Japanese food or buy souvenirs.

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