1-Day Tour for Japanese Sake brewery, “Nada” in Kobe

If you are interested in Japanese Sake, this tour is just what you must take now! Do you know the name “Nada”? Nadagogo, the five Sake-producing areas in the Nada district. It is one of the most famous Japanese Sake Breweries located in Kobe city.
Nada no Sake is well known as made with Miya-Mizu (Miya Water), or mineral-rich water welling up in the Nada district. Not only this special water but also good rice, traditional brewing skills and the perfect natural environment all combined have produced Nada no Sake.
Sake makes you healthy and vigorous every day. Why not take this One-Day Tour and deepen your knowledge?




We visit several Sake Breweries in Nadagogo district. You can learn how to make Sake in Sake Brewery Museum. The exhibition of traditional Sake Brewing Process tells it easily. Sophisticated skills and collaboration of workers are essential in brewing good Sake, and “Toji”, the chief of brewery workers, plays most important role in the production process. You can feel the spirit of Toji in the museum. After this tour, you will be an expert about Japanese Sake!

What You can Expect in this tour

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum
In this museum you walk through the exhibition of traditional Sake making process learning how to make Sake. There are many big tools used for Sake making and you surely be surprised to see it. In projection hall you can see 15 minutes videos with English explanation. Finally, you get to the Sake Tasting Section. The freshly brewed sake, which is only available here at the museum, offers unspeakable taste and flows down your throat very smoothly.

The Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum
Another Japanese Sake brewery. “Taru-Sake” which means sake matured in casks is produced only in this brewery. Before Meiji era all of Japanese sake are produced in casks. After Meiji Restoration bottled sake has rapidly become popular. The company has mountains in Nara where Japanese cedar trees have grown which is used as sake casks. Now Kiku-Masamune sells bottled Taru-Sake.

Sakramasamune Historical Museum “Sakuraen”
Sake brewery with 400 years history, the oldest sake brewery in Nada. Also, it is the first brewery of sake named “Masamune”. And “Miya-Mizu” was found by the company. Take lunch at the restaurant here. There are many lunch menus of Japanese traditional meals.

After lunch, you can select one of breweries bellow.

Koyamahonke Shuzou Nada hamafukutsurugura
This brewery starts as “Fuku-Tsuru” brewery which means happy crane. In this brewery you can see modern process of making sake. And there are a variety of Japanese Sakes such as SHERRY VAT, LIMOUSIN, which is brandy matured in the sherry cask.


Sawanotsuru Sake Museum
In this museum you can see old style tools of making sake, miniature model of “Taru-Kaisen” or ship which carried sake to Edo.

Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Brewery
This brewery was established in 1751. “Fukuju” is a brand name of Sake which was used in Nobel Prize Ceremony. There is Ryotei or Japanese restaurant inside this brewery.

Important Information

Language: English
Number of guests: up to 4
Meeting Time: at 9:00am
Meeting Place: at your hotel
Dismissing Place: Osaka station (JR) at 17:00
Serving hours by the guide: 8 hours


28,000 JPY (up to 4 persons)
Guide Fee (including tax)
Not including
Transportation expenses (you and the guide)
Lunch (you and the guide)

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