1-Day Tour for Japanese Sake brewery and Whisky distillery

If you are interested in Japanese Sake or Whisky, this tour is just what you want to take!
You go to Fushimi area in Kyoto where Japanese Sake Breweries stand. Two breweries named “Gekkeikan” and “Kizakura” welcome you.
After taking lunch at a restaurant in the Sake brewery, you go to Yamazaki area and visit Suntory Whiskey Distillery. Suntory has become one of five great whiskey distilleries in the world. You can taste whiskeys and buy souvenirs which are unique to its distillery.




“Gekkeikan” is a profound Japanese Sake brewery in Fushimi and is a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency. You can learn how to make Japanese Sake here. Tasting of sake is included.
Second brewery is “Kizakura”. Take lunch at a restaurant in this brewery.
After lunch, we visit Suntory Whisky Distillery in Yamazaki. In Whisky museum, you can see the 100-year history of Suntory whisky. In the museum, there are very good tasting corner where you can taste three kinds of whiskys. Do not forget to visit a shop where you can buy whiskys and souvenirs which are unique to its museum.

What You can Expect in this tour

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum
Sake is indispensable for holding ceremonies in Shinto shrines or auspicious events like marriage.
This museum on sake-making is run by the Gekkeikan Sake Company, Ltd., one of Japan’s preeminent sake companies. Opened in 1982, it is housed in an old sake brewery that was built in 1909, and presents the history of sake in Japan and sake production in Fushimi in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition to its permanent exhibitions of some 400 sake production items, displayed to show each stage of the process, it also displays period materials dating back to Gekkeikan’s founding, including different types of vessels. Traditional chants of sake makers are also played throughout the museum, recreating the atmosphere of the old brewery. Following your visit, you can taste Ginjoshu and other sakes in the lobby.

Kizakura Kappa Gallery
Another Japanese Sake brewery. There is a display of sake making process and history of the brewery. Unique exhibition is Japanese “Kappa” which is an image character of Kizakura. TV commercials of Kizakura from 70 years ago make you happy. You can take lunch here (with sake or beer).

Suntory Yamazaki Distillery
You can see how Suntory has become one of five great Whisky Distillers in the world. Great exhibition of whiskies with 100 years history tells you unique story. In this distillery, Japanese Oak, Mizunara is used as casks for maturation which provides a but standing aroma. That is reminiscent of sandalwood and Japanese incense. This distinct fragrance and characteristic is called “Japanese Oak”.
You can choose three of world-famous whiskeys at tasting corner. Do not miss to buy the items which is sold in the museum alone.

Important Information

Language: English
Number of guests: up to 4
Meeting Time: at 9:00am
Meeting Place: at your hotel
Dismissing Place: Kyoto or Osaka station (JR) at 17:00
Serving hours by the guide: 8 hours


28,000 JPY (up to 4 persons)
Guide Fee (including tax)
Not including
Transportation expenses (you and the guide)
Lunch (you and the guide)

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