Spring Flowers ~Cherry Blossom and Azalea~

Thank you for visiting. I’m Yoko from iTWS japan LLP. Well, it’s April 18th today. It has been about 4 months since the beginning of this year. Time flies! Spring is coming to an end. We usually enjoy cherry blossoms in March or April. But we had to try to refrain from cherry blossom viewing again because of Covid-19. Fortunately, there are places to enjoy cherry blossoms near my house. Thanks to those places, I could enjoy them.

This is Togo shrine located in Harajuku, Tokyo. Harakuku is one of the most popular spots especially young people. There are many shops and it is always lively. But it is so quiet in the precinct of the shrine. I almost forget myself being in the middle of the city. I took this photo in the end of March. Cherry blossoms were blooming earlier than usual this year.




There are many shrines and temples with a pond like Togo shrine. We often see colorful carp swimming there. Carp is considered good luck. They were coming to me gasping for air. I should have continued to take a video until they are getting closer to me!

After cherry blossom blooming, azaleas start to bloom. They are various kinds and colors that are so beautiful. By the way, they are designated as the flower of the ward where I live in. I’m so happy to enjoy them here and there. Azaleas are also blooming earlier than usual like cherry blossoms. I think it must be a warm winter.

Cherry blossom sweets in the end. You can see many kinds of sweets that associated with cherry blossoms at cafes, bakeries, confectioneries or department stores. They are so popular. You can enjoy not only the taste but also the appearance. Since they are only available in spring, I cannot help having some of them. I have a sweet tooth!

Well, azaleas are in full bloom again today. I will check them after updating this blog.
Thank you for reading. Stay safe and have a nice week!

Yoko Yoshida, a member of iTWS japan LLP

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