Nishiarai Daishi

Hi, I’m Yoko, from iTWS japan. My daughter and I went to a temple, Nishiarai Daishi, the other day. It was a very sunny day, and the first day of spring by the old calendar. Though it was still cold.

Nishiarai Daishi is a Buddhist temple, located in the old part of Tokyo or shitamachi area of Tokyo. It’s well known for its power to ward off misfortune. A lot of worshippers visit there all year around. First of all, we visit the Main Hall to worship the Eleven-Faced Kannon and Kobodaishi celebrated inside the hall. We don’t clap our hands at a temple, just put our palms together quietly while praying, and bow. (If you visit a shrine, please bow twice and clap your hands twice before praying.)

There is a pond in the precinct. Many colored carp gasping for air at the surface. I think they might be hungry.

Can you see small waterfall?

We enjoyed winter cherry blossoms. They start to bloom in early February. Although there are wide variety of cherry blossoms, these flowers blooms the earliest among cherry blossoms.

This is Salt Jizo. It’s believed to heal the bad part of your body. It’s also said once your blessing has been received, you make an offering of twice the amount of salt. Actually, I have taken the salt and made an offering of salt before.

After worshipping, we enjoyed walking around the temple. We stopped by Mameya. They sell a variety of bean snacks. You can try some of them before you buy. Tasting them is also enjoyable! Have you ever tried Imagawayaki? It’s a round shape pancake filled with sweet bean paste. You can enjoy strolling while eating!

I often visit Nishiarai Daishi. Unfortunately, there were fewer people than usual that day. I remember many people visit the temple and a lot of food stalls in the precinct. It’s easy to walk now, but I feel something is missing. I hope we can go out as we like!

Thank you for reading! Have a nice week!

Yoko Yoshida, a member of iTWS japan LLP

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