Edo-Tokyo Museum

“Edo-Tokyo Museum” is a museum for looking back history and culture in Edo period and thinking about the future of Tokyo while showing replica and tools. It’s located near Ryogoku Kokugikan which is a famous place as a sumo tournament is held. The museum has a unique appearance, because it was modeled on raised-floor-style warehouse in the past. A big red escalator attracts visitors at the entrance. This time, I will write about this museum which introduces history, culture and life from Edo period to today.

<What is “Edo” ?>
“Edo” means former name of Tokyo. It has developed since the Edo shogunate was established in 1603. And it became the capitol of Japan.

<General public culture in Edo>
Edo was the center of culture and trend. Street performances or theater performances were very popular. Common people supported them, and they have developed as the Edo culture.

<The birth of Tokyo>
After the Meiji Restoration in 1868, “Edo” became “Tokyo”. Since then, Tokyo has been continuing developing as the capitol of Japan.

There are a café, a restaurant, and souvenir shops in the museum. Some of items are limited. Why don’t you buy a souvenir that you can get only in this museum?

The design of umbrella stand is also Edo-style. It’s cool, isn’t it?

The main exhibition area is on the 5th and 6th floor. You can see a nice view if you go up to the 7th floor that a library is located on.

There are many spots you can enjoy in Ryogoku area besides Edo-Tokyo Museum or Ryogoku Kokugikan for sumo. I would like to introduce other places soon. Until then, see you!

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