Classical Japanese Dance

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Classical Japanese Dance experience event for international tourists was held by the local government and the local dance group the other day. Guests from Taiwan and Indonesia participated in the event, and I was helping as an interpreter. They were looking forward to wearing kimono so much!

By the way, what is “Classical Japanese Dance”?

We call “Classical Japanese Dance” “Nihon-buyo” in Japanese. It has developed under the influence of “Noh play” in the Kyoto-Osaka area and “Kabuki” in Edo which means the former name of Tokyo. It is one of traditional Japanese performing arts that a performer dances wearing kimono to the shamisen music. Shamisen is a kind of Japanese traditional instrument.

First, participants enjoyed watching Japanese dance performance. I was surprised because dancers moved wildly, even though they were wearing kimono!

After the dance performance, participants changed into kimono and learn how to dance. This is the highlight of the event. They selected the favorite one and got dressed up. Everyone looked great! Then, Classical Japanese Dance experience started. They held a fan which is a big part of Japanese dance, and learned how to behave, move, and use a fan while dancing.

At the end of the event, they performed traditional Japanese song “Sakura Sakura”. It was a very short time, but a lot of fun for everyone!

I was so glad that they were happy to wear kimono, and interested in Japanese tradition. Furthermore, it was a great experience for me to help their language problem.

If you are interested in Japan or Japanese culture, I would like you to come to Japan and experience it. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, we can help you!

Thank you for reading. Have a nice week!

Yoko Yoshida, a member of iTWS japan LLP

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