Cherry Blossom Season

iTWS japan LLP launched our website and started a blog last year. The first blog about cherry blossom viewing in Japanese was written by Yoko. It has been a year since then, which means cherry blossoms are in full bloom right now. Time flies!

Unfortunately, we cannot enjoy cherry blossom viewing outside as usual, because of coronavirus. However, I think you will be in a good mood if you see some cherry blossom photos. There are many people who had to give up cherry blossom viewing, or even visiting Japan this spring. I hope these photos will help you to make plans again in future.

This is Meguro River which is one of the most famous places as cherry blossom viewing. You can see many cherry blossoms on both sides of the river. It’s like tunnel of flowers in spring. There are nice cafés, restaurants or stalls so that you can enjoy eating and drinking while viewing cherry blossoms.

Sinjuku Gyoen is also famous. It is a large and popular park in Tokyo. There are Japanese-style garden, western-style garden, historical buildings, restaurants and so on. It is an urban oasis. Of course, cherry blossoms are worth seeing!

Next, I will introduce Haseedera Temple in Kamakura. It is well known for the beautiful scenery from the observatory. In addition, you can also enjoy cherry blossoms in spring.

Some places are open to the public at night. The atmosphere totally changes. Why don’t you enjoy cherry blossoms in the evening? I recommend it.

There are many cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. I believe many people will be able to enjoy cherry blossom viewing next year. And I would be so happy if I could guide you.

Thank you for reading. And please take care of yourself and your family!
See you!

Yoko Yoshida, a member of iTWS japan LLP

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