Trekking Tour to Mount Inunaki

Do you know Mount Inunaki? It is a sight seeing spot located in Izumisano City in Osaka Prefecture. Recently it is becoming popular for foreign visitors from all over the world because it is not so far from Kansai International Airport.

Today I tell you the attractions of Mount Inunaki.

It is the only one Onsen (hot spring) resort in Osaka prefecture. You can enjoy Onsen and have a Kaiseki Lunch (Japanese meal) in a traditional Japanese inn. Stay at it is a good experience for understanding Japanese culture for foreign visitors.

Mount Inunaki is a leading power spot which was opened by Ennogyoja as a sacred training place for Shugendo (Japanese mountain ascetics)1300 years ago. You can walk up to Shipporyu-ji Temple in about 45 minutes. The temple is one of 28 places of Katsuragi Shugendo.

There are 48 water falls in Mount Inunaki and is blessed with beautiful nature of gorge and dynamic scenery of mountains. 

I want to tell you a legend which was the origin of the name of Mount Inunaki.

Long time ago, there was a hunter who always hunted with his loyal dog. One day, the hunter went to the forest and hunted as usual. His dog kept barking and wailing during the hunting. The hunter noticed the strange behavior of his dog but he ignored it and went on hunting.

When the hunter aimed at a deer and got ready to shoot it, but his dog barked louder and louder, the prey ran away. The hunter wanted to appease his dog, but the dog still kept barking loudly. The hunter got angry and he killed his dog, cut off his head.

But what happened next was unbelievable. The dog’s head which was cut off flew over his angry master. The hunter looked up and was shocked by what he saw. There was a very long and huge snake and next to his dog’s head on the tree.

At last the hunter realized that the snake wanted to bite and eat him.

The hunter felt guilty and regret. After buried the loyal dog, he built a grave from condolence.

He donated his land to the temple and became a trainer of Shugendo.

This story was reached to the emperor Uda and he gave the name “Inunaki” to the mountain.

You can see the stone statue of the loyal dog in the mountain.

The mascot character of Izumisano City is “Inunakin” which was designed imaging the hunter by Yudetamago who is a famous writer of Kinnikuman. Inunakin has the character “Inu (dog)” in his face and wrapped a Senshu Towel around his waist and has a priest staff in his hand. He has a sense of justice and always say 一生犬鳴 try as hard as one can. He loved taking Onsen and likes having Mizunasu(Senshu eggplants) and onions.

Why don’t you come to Izumisano and meet Inunakin?

MASA Tamura, a member of iTWS japan LLP

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