Koto-Sanzan: Three Temples in east of Lake-Biwa: by Masa

Lake -Biwa is the largest lake in Japan. In the east side of Lake-Biwa, Koto-Sanzan or three temples which is famous for viewing beautiful autumn leaves are located. Each temple was founded in the 7th to 9th century. Special ticket called “Maple Ticket” is available for bus tour for Koto-Sanzan (from early November to late December). It is designated as one of the top one hundred locations to view autumn leaves in Japan

Saimyoji Temple

It was founded in the middle of 9th century. There were 17 shrines and three hundred monasteries in the temple. The founder of Kamakura-Bakufu (Shogunate government) Yoritomo Minamoto came to this temple for praying for victory of wars. There are mail building and three-storied pagoda which are designated as national treasure. Visitors can also enjoy walking beautiful Japanese garden named “Horai-Tei” (Legendary isle of eternal youth).




It was founded by the high priest Gyoki in the middle of 8th century. The main building called “Daihikaku” (Great Passion Hall) has more then 700 years history and is designated as national treasure. Three storied pagoda stands near the main building. Along the both sides of approach to the main building, one thousand small stone statues of Jizo-Bodhisattva are lined.


Hyakusaiji Temple

It is said to be founded in the early 7th century by prince Shotoku. There were more than one thousand temples in the precincts and was called “Buddhist Paradise”. A Japanese landscape garden made along the living quarter of monks is the largest size in the prefecture.


One day tour is available to visit all three temples. Visitors can use buses as many times as they like by special ticket called “Maple Ticket”.

Maple Ticket: Available from November 16th to 24th (2019), \1,800-/ adult/ \900-/child: It connects Hikone station of JR line to each temple.

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